Thank you for visiting the Kinloch Fire Protection District website and your interest in our organization!

The Kinloch Fire Protection District is a full-service Fire & Emergency Services provider. This is an exciting and proud moment for the residents and men & women of Kinloch Fire Protection District, as our organization is rapidly growing and evolving daily.  Thanks to our voters, the Board of Directors of the Kinloch Fire Protection District where authorized to issue $3 million in general obligation bonds for very much needed capital improvements in the August 2018 Municipal election. These bonds will help fund our New Fire Station, our first ever New rescue platform aerial truck and a New rescue pumper tanker truck. In addition to the approval of the bonds, in the April 2nd, 2019 general election our wonderful voters also approved four very much needed tax increases. These needed tax increases will enable the district to pay off its debts, receive funds for the general operating fund of the district to help fund full-time/Paid on call jobs, and enable the district to send our personnel through the St. Louis County Fire Academy. The recently approved tax increases will also enable this district to be able to purchase critical communications equipment and 911 emergency dispatch services and enable the district to start its very first EMT/Paramedic program. This program will enable the district to send our personnel to school to be trained to become licensed EMT’s and Paramedic’s and purchase heart defibrillators for cardiac arrest.

I am very blessed and humbled to have been selected to not only lead this fire district forward, but also to serve the men and women of the Kinloch Fire Protection District and the community of Kinloch as your Fire Chief.

I am very excited to see what the future holds for our organization and the Community of Kinloch, Missouri, as it is my mission and sole priority to ensure the safety of our fire fighters, EMT’s and Paramedics through training, education, and making sure we have equipment and resources according to the latest fire industry standards and the latest in fire/medical technology, first and foremost ensuring the safety of our residents and businesses of the Kinloch Fire Protection District by providing professional, premium quality Fire and Emergency services, making sure we’re here and always ready for your call.

Chief Stewart