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Welcome to the Kinloch Fire Protection District
Est. 1936

Department History

Kinloch Fire Protection District.

Our History.

Pictured here is Kinloch’s first volunteer fire department, organized in January 1936. Fire station was located on Carson Road, now Martin Luther King Boulevard. The officers selected were: Atkins Boyd, chief; William Hughes, assistant chief; J.C. Godbold, fire marshall; Lon Lieigh and Hurlon Teetes, captains; and William R. Shores and Jonny B. Hughes, lieutenants. Serving as firemen were Charles Clay, Earley Wilson, Moses Williams, A.J. Williams, James Howard, Charles Eldridge, Tribble McGregory, John Adams, Everette Robinson Sr.; Lacy Lee, Milton Holmes, Clarence Hunter, Monroe English, Bryant Flemming, Joseph Bryant, Med Daugherty, John Clayburn, and Azell Williams.

During the early years, volunteers had a difficult task working regular jobs and serving as firemen in their spare time. Even though the department became a tax-supported in April of 1944, it still remained volunteer-operated and continue to have fund-raising activities. Originally, only those residents who purchased fire tags were provided fire protection.

Shown here is some of the fire department’s first equipment. Chief Atkis Boyd negotiated the acquisition of the first piece of equipment, an American La France 1000 GPM pumper. It was purchased from St. Louis with funds donated by local residents, but many times the firemen wondered if there would be enough gasoline to operate it. Other equipment was purchased over the years with funds raised through benefit picnics, dances, fire tags sales, donations and bond issues.

City and fire department officials and other Kinloch residents are pictured here in 1955, taking part in a groundbreaking ceremony for the new fire station. The citizens raised over $4,000 one weekend through a fireman’s picnic to purchase the lots because the owner refused to let the department purchase the property in installment payments.

Officers of the fire department are shown here from left: James Wells, Arthur Tilman, Bluitt Johnson, Mose Williams, Atkis Boyd, Johnny B. Hughes, Med Daugherty. Ed Robinson, Earl Taylor, unidentified, unidentified, James Robinson, Willie Wells and unidentified.